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Entrepreneur, Patent Engineer, HVAC 


Partner and Co-Founder

Diwakar is an entrepreneur and patent engineer by profession, also he has past work experience with UK's Mott Macdonald in HVAC domain. He is experienced in research and development mostly associated with HVAC and automobiles. Also, he has been associated with different start-ups and has been a shareholder for quite some time. He has also been experienced in developing the business from scratch. So overall he is a multitalented person that comes out to be the plus point for the company's overall growth. He has done his internships with prestigious IISc and DRDO. He also holds a gold medal in Mechanical Engineering from Amity University. He has been quite active since college years and has been associated with different groups around the globe like SAE BAJA, ABMA, etc. He has developed a team-building attitude for a very long time which has helped him personally and also the organization he has been associated with. Further, he has implemented his key skills in the organization for the extension of the brand. He has used his skills to reform the scratch idea into the origin of FROLIC. He is a person who grabs the opportunity and makes a profit from it. He is intuitive and a rambler. He believes in working together and making a mark on the world with new ideas and innovations.


He also quotes "if you are good at what you like, do join us no matter which school, which college, which degree, which background you hold! Will work together to achieve the best!!!"